Throwaway society – on yer bike!

It’s that time of year when Christmas trees, bagged or naked, are abandoned in the streets of Paris. Everyone turns a blind eye. But new this January 2018 are the dockless/free-floating bikes by the likes of Ofo, GoBee, and oBike.

Throwaway society_Tree

I’m not talking about the ones still standing, waiting for another rider to smartphone them free, but those wounded,

or collapsed (in despair?) on pavements, in the gutters.

Yes, their plight sums up the attitude of us Parisians struggling back into work


but on a more serious note…

… does this mean we’re now adopting a ride-and-throw attitude to cycling? Where did all the love go?

Throwaway society_cover
Coffee to go?

Here’s What 23,000 Abandoned Bikes Look Like In China’s Bike Graveyards

Throwaway society_GoBee
Another one bites the dust

Mieux vaut des pistes cyclables que des vélos pas chers



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