Meet Amadeus, your travel companion

Air, rail, car rental, cruise ships, ferries… on the move for three decades, global distribution system (GDS) provider Amadeus is still on a mission.

Amadeux_conference_Sept 2017

“Our cutting edge IT is evolving considerably and rapidly,” said Georges Rudas (photo above), CEO, Amadeus France. “We work with new actors on the web, with entities more on the periphery like airports, hotel chains and casinos, as well as all those associated with travel data and technology.

The company is B2B orientated but knows keeping its finger on the end-customer pulse is critical. “We are still concerned by the needs and behaviour of travellers, which are changing, and changing fast,” adds Mr Rudas.

Want it all, want it now

“Today’s travel consumption is sophisticated, complex, and individualised. People are looking for choice, instant gratification, and opportunities to compare offers and prices.”

And then there’s the paradox of personalisation and data privacy; we want both, and no concessions.

Amadeus look right_Sept 2017

Where to turn?

When planning travel, the choice of channels available in 2017 is overwhelming. From search engines, on-line agencies, and supplier web sites to mobile apps, digital advertising, and self booking tools, they are also multiplying fast.

Faced with this tangle, Amadeus is confident it has the technology and expertise to straighten things out so they make sense to users “without trapping them in a commercial offer – because we are a professional tool regulated by the European Commission (EC) with data that is secure and protected,” insists Mr Rudas.

Amadeus’ stated objective is to help B2B clients develop their business – travel and/or leisure – via technology, and increase the average spend.

Drawing upon its global strengths in aggregating content and developing IT tools, the company’s three watchwords for achieving these targets are transparency, choice, and simplicity.

Challenges for the travel and leisure industry:

– Inspiration: when planning travel, people are seeking ideas and inspiration

– Acquisition: how to acquire clients with a good return on investment

– Monetisation

– Productivity: “Robotic tools can be used for simple repetitive tasks and are more reliable and effective than human travel agents, who are then freed up to focus on sales and upsales,” points out Mr Rudas

– Customer loyalty: mobile apps are extremely effective

New age for the agency

Despite digital taking over the world and content providers capturing customer share, there’s still a future for the travel agency, Amadeus believes. This is why it is developing them in both online digital and physical formats, confident that providing content via technology with unique functions, plus offering real added value to companies, is a winning formula.

“Agencies are still vital because they meet the need for a human presence, for reassurance in moments of uncertainty,” says Alexandre Jorre, marketing & communications director, Amadeus France.

“The travel agency remains a important vector for travel consumption. Given the many unforeseen circumstances today, the notion of assistance remains fundamental for a lot of travel segments, like business for example.”

Innovation talks by Amadeus




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