‘If you can… just go for it!’

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my book ‘ Si tu peux… vas-y ! ‘

A few slices of life, sometimes ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ but always, I hope, full of humanity.

Vas_y_cover_May 2016

From the deltaplane to Boeing, Airbus to the pedal balloon, I’ve flown everything that’s supposed to fly. As a child,  pupille de la nation (war orphan), I received support, and on becoming a flight captain, my dream became reality.

Since then I have done my best to give wings to those in need. Humanitarian missions and record breaking attempts of all kinds, at times delicate, but always exhilarating, I wanted to share them with a wider audience. Well now everyone can enjoy my adventures in the skies!

‘ Si tu peux… vas-y ! ‘ is available in all good bookshops. You can also order a copy by clicking here.

And the adventures are far from over…

France Info radio continues to support my Transportez-moi slot dedicated to mobility in all its forms. The show airs every Saturday (2.10pm & 4.10pm) with the talented host Jérôme Cadet.

1_Si tu peux_May 2016

CarWatt, the start-up created under the umbrella of my association Transports Passion, is going from strength to strength. Its mission is to transform diesel vehicles (road, air, waterways) into electric by using second-life batteries. In parallel, the team designs storage containers for renewable energies. Fund raising (shareholders) is ongoing: if you wish to join this exciting venture click here.

I also organise an ‘innovation club’ bringing together research directors from around 30 key actors in the transport industry.

The project ‘1 arbre , une vie’ is currently under development. More details coming soon!

I direct an inter-university challenge on ‘mobility of the future’, as well as a world championship of muscular propulsion (road, water, air) – an inspring event showcasing innovative technologies and impressive sporting performances.

Follow the progress of our projects and join us!

Gérard Feldzer


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